Thelan Ranger

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Little Thelan has been on her own for a long, long time.  Horribly matted – probably one of the top five matted dogs I’ve seen in 16 years – both eyes damaged beyond repair – just a total mess.  Not only does she look horrible physically, she has a huge heart murmur, so will be going to GCVS soon.

Good samaritan saw her wandering around and begged us to take her.

Of course, we did!!

Look what someone did to this sweet dog!!

You can help us save her.

How does clicking this page help save her?  Three ways!

1.  Spread the word.  The more people that know about the abuse and neglect these dogs suffer, the more we can all save.

2.  Donate for her here:  www.youcaring.com/ThelanRanger – dogs in this shape usually cost a lot of money.  We are able to save them only because of donors who donate an average of $10-$25 to help a dog.

3.   Most importantly, APPLY TO FOSTER!  www.shihtzu-rescue.com
You HAVE the power to say this is not how her story ends!!

See all the photos below as we cleaned her up.


TAO_7171        TAO_7172

TAO_7178        TAO_7181