Donald Barkley


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I was absolutely shocked when we picked up this little boy and saw the shape he was in.  He is painfully emaciated, and his hair was crusted with flea dirt.  I’ve NEVER seen so much flea dirt on a dog in my life.

A Donald Barkley A1335806 Jul-30-2015 (23)

You can help us save this pitiful boy.

As we cleaned him up, the tub ran red with blood!!  No, not fresh blood from a wound, old, dried flea excrement.  Fleas drink the blood of the dog and lay their waste in his coat.

A Flea Dirt Donald Barkley A1335806 7-30-2015 (18)


But look at him now.

A Donald Barkley A1335806 7-30-2015 (34)

How does clicking this page help save this dog?  Three ways!

1.  Spread the word.  The more people that know about the abuse and neglect these dogs suffer, the more we can all save.  Share the post and this page.

2.  Donate here:  www.youcaring.com/DonaldBarkley – dogs in this shape usually cost a lot of money.  We are able to save them only because of donors who donate an average of $10-$25 to help a dog.

3.   Most importantly, APPLY TO FOSTER!  www.shihtzu-rescue.com
You HAVE the power to say this is not how his story ends!!


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