We adopted Buddy in October of 2004 as a “buddy” for our other Tzu rescue, Miss Mattie Mae (who was found in a parking lot in West Texas when she was 6 months old).

When Mattie came to us in March of 2003, we did not realize how much they love to have other Tzus around to share their day until she was around my sister’s Tzu. That is when we decided to adopt another Tzu from Lone Star.

Buddy’s Lone Star name was Zeke and when I went to pick him up, he had just had eye surgery and looked terrible. Mattie did not care and was just glad to have a buddy, so since he had not had the name “Zeke” that long, we renamed him Buddy.

Buddy still gets carsick, but we have rigged a “barfcan” in the car for him and it works really well (yes, we have tried all the “remedies”). He still is not a real lap dog and leaves that title to Mattie, but he will push her out of the way to be the first to greet us when we come home from work.

We are glad that we decided to bring Buddy into our home and know that now he is safe and happy.

One picture is of Mattie and Buddy on vacation in June of 2005 and the other was in February of 2006.

~Sally and Rick