Amazing offer – rent an apartment I’ll donate a BUNCH

Buy or sell a house and it will be AMAZING!!

Yes, I am donating 30% of my real estate commission straight to Lone Star Shih Tzu & Lhasa Apso rescue to help little dogs like Chaos, Oliver, Dell and Alexx!!!

Say what?  CONTACT ME TODAY FOR THE DETAILS…832-620-6304  dschrakamp@gmail.com

Please read the fine print……


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How could you POSSIBLY pass this post up without sharing? 30% of my commission back to Lone Star!! You see how many broken dogs we save now….just think of how that money would allow us to help so many more! The dog pictured above is Chaos Barkley that needs extensive surgery for his severly broken jaw. This money from this campaign would help this sweet boy more than you will ever know! Share Share Share! The doggies thank you!!
My name is Diane Hermis Schrakamp and I am a licensed real estate broker in Houston, TX and Lone Star Volunteer. I have been an agent for 11 years and a broker for 2 years. I absolutely LOVE what I do! The reason I am doing this fundraising campaign is because I would like to help Lone Star Shih Tzu & Lhasa Apso Rescue raise money to help with the costs associated with saving severely broken dogs that need a substantial amount of vetting/surgery. Without Lone Star, these dogs would be put to sleep without a being given the chance of a wonderful life. With some support, I will be able to raise a substantial amount of money for this wonderful rescue that I truly adore. Here is what I propose…….If you or your family, friends, or acquaintances mention Lone Star during our first interaction and use my services, I will donate 30% of my commissions back to Lone Star.
Rent an apartment in Houston, Dallas/Ft. Worth, San Antonio, and Austin areas: If I make 100% of 1 months commission on an apartment leasing at $1000/mth, $300 will go directly to Lone Star. Commission on apartments can be 0% (some apts do not pay agents) to 100%+. IMPORTANT……you MUST put my name on both the guest card and the lease as your referring agent and you MUST call me and tell me where you leased. The apartment complex will NOT call me and tell me that somebody put my name down as their locator.
Purchase (new or resale) or sell a home in the Greater Houston area: The standard commission rate per agent per deal is 3%. Buy or sell a home through me, I will give 30% of my 3% commission to Lone Star. For example: if you purchase or sell a $200,000 home through me, $1800 of my commission will go to Lone Star upon closing and funding.
Commercial Real Estate leases and sales: Commercial deals are our highest commission deals and could raise a very substantial amount for Lone Star. I will do the same 30% for these commercial deals.
How to get the word out:
• Tell Family
• Tell Friends/Facebook Friends (share post)
• Print Flyer pass out or post around work/school
• Neighborhood message boards
• Tell Co-Workers
• Company HR departments (Corporate Relocation)
• Pass out at school events/extracurricular activities
Please help get the word out! All you have to do is call me at 832-620-6304 (Diane Schrakamp) or email me and mention Lone Star and 30% will be sent to Lone Star upon receipt of my commission. I will send a monthly report to Teresa Osborn showing who Lone Star can thank for the generous donation. You will receive top of the line, 5 star service (as seen in June Texas Monthly Magazine 2011-2016) and will be helping Lone Star raise money to help the broken and homeless doggies.
Thank you for your support, now let’s raise some money!
Diane Hermis Schrakamp
Total Real Estate Services, LLC
To see reviews from my past clients (current rating 4.95 out of 5), please visit http://www.har.com/Diane-Hermis-Schrakamp/ratings_527435


PRINT THIS FLYER and pass it out!!

Diane Flyer